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There are 4 main processes for starting a complete peanut oil production line: peanut seeds cleaning, shelling, cooking and oil extraction. The purpose of cleaning, shelling and cooking is to facilitate oil extraction and improve oil yield and quality.
The peanut oil production line is a production line composed of sheller, Conveyor,Roasting Machine, oil press, and Oil Filter Machine.The peanuts are cleaned and put into the peanut sheller to remove their shells. The Conveyor transports the materials to the Roasting for frying, and then sends them to the oil press for squeezing. After the squeezing, the oil is put into the Oil Filter Machine and filtered into oil. It is suitable for small and medium-sized factories to help factories save labor time and increase oil output. The peanut oil production line can be squeezed Cold pressing or Hot pressing. According to your own needs and budget, relevant personnel will recommend a suitable plan for you


1. Simple operation, low energy consumption, low investment and small floor space.

2. We can customize the oil powder factory according to your oilseeds and capacity.

3. The production line is widely used and suitable for most oil seeds.

4. This edible oil production line can work 24 hours a day.

5. The Screw Conveyor is used to feed oil, which improves work efficiency and tastes labor.

6. High oil production, high quality oil, suitable for long-term storage


Peanuts → cleaning →husking→ Roasting  → prepressing → filtering

The following is a flowchart of the entire process of thermal pressure in the peanut oil production line, consisting of a peanut sheller, Conveyor, Roasting, oil press and oil filter, which is pressed into oil at once and does not require secondary pressing. More conducive to improve the oil content of materials and protect the environment, save time for work.

Screw pressing is the most common used oil extraction technology for groundnuts. The production process of screw oil pressing keep the original flavor of groundnuts. The produced groundnut oil is a kind of pure natural green food, featured of mellow fragrance, rich in nutrition ingredient, long shelf life, and without any additives, solvent residue and soap content. Also, the value of peanut cake is also high.  The peanut shell or oil cake is great raw materials for poultry feed mill plant and cattle feed mill plant.

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