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Rapeseed oil production process is a complicated process.The first step in processing canola and rapeseed is to properly prepare the seed for oil removal.The first step in rapeseed oil production is to make oil by pressing or solvent extracting.The finally step in rapeseed oil production is to get the high-grade cooking oil from crude oil.


 Pressing Rapeseed Seed Oil technologe

(1) Cold Pressing Technology of Rapeseed
Rapeseed→cleaning and decontamination→hulling and shell separation→cold pressing→cold-pressing oil→coarse filtration→clear filtration→quality cold pressed oil→quality tea seed cake
(2) High temperature pressing technology of rapeseed
Rapeseed → clean up and remove → shelling and shell kernel separation → tea kernel → steamed stir fry → squeeze oil → sedimentation → filtration → tea oil
(3) Refining Technology of Rapeseed Oil
Raw material oil → degumming → deacidification → water washing → decolorization → deodorization → winter degreasing → finished camellia oil


Rapeseed is the only oil plant with high oil content that can be cultivated all over the world. It is one of the main oil crops and nectar crops in my country. Its seed is one of the main varieties of oil for soaking. The oil content is 35%-50%. The human body absorbs rapeseed oil. The rate is very high, up to 99%. Therefore, it contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and nutrients such as vitamin E can be well absorbed by the body, and has a certain effect of softening blood vessels and delaying aging.

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