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Compared with oilseeds such as peanuts, sesame seeds and rapeseeds, soybeans are a kind of oilseeds with lower oil content. Therefore, we usually use pretreatment and pressing methods to reduce the residual oil rate and increase the oil yield. The following is Soybean oil production line The equipment flow chart of Conveyor, Roasting, Conveyor, oil press machine, Oil Filter Machine. A Soybean oil production line solves the trouble of Squeeze oil for most companies.


Soybean oil processing line includes soybean pretreatment process, soybean oil leaching process and soybean crude oil refining process.


Soybean → Conveyor → Roasting → Conveyor → Squeeze → Filter

First put the cleaned soybean seeds into the Screw Conveyor and transport them to the Roasting for preheating. After the preheating is completed, they will be automatically put into the Screw Conveyor, and transported to the oil press to squeeze. The oil that has been pressed is put into the Oil Filter Machine, To filter. The pressing process is divided into hot pressing and cold pressing. The difference lies in whether it matches the Roasting. Cold pressing requires a second, which is more troublesome than hot pressing. Generally, we recommend that customers match the hot pressing technology of the Roasting to increase the output and improve oil yield

Pretreatment process:
Leaching process:
solvent           solvent recovery
↓                   ↓
Soybean flake→ extractor → mixed oil treatment→ crude oil

Solvent recovery ←evaporation of wet meal →finished meal
Refining process:
Soybean crude oil—phosphoric acid degumming—washing and drying—adsorption and decolorization—distillation and deodorization—filtration-- refined oil

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