Coloured glass began its journey into your hands thousands of years ...perhaps tens of thousands ago....around a fire where silica sand & wood ash (potash) melted together under the heat and formed globules of raw glass, and became known to the ancients as the “Tears of the Stars “

Today our NOVO based printing technology (720dpi) takes finely ground particles of mineral salts containing the colour & glass frit, mixed in solution,....combined with laser scanning ability, to divine various degrees of colour saturation, and prints on a glass substrate, then returns it to that prehistoric fire, that melts the printed imagery into the glass at 700C, for it.... forever to become again, part of the molecular structure of glass substrate.

Our Standard Print size starts at 0.035 x 0.035 and goes up to 2200 x 1300, Printed & Tempered of 5mm – 19mm thickness.

With Art work considerations, we can do up to 3200 x 1800, Print & Temper

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